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Aqui-Live: The champagne of mineral waters

Three Bays 330 ml and 750 ml Still square

Aqui-Live – who’s behind it?

Aqui-Live is a family business owned and operated by husband & wife team, Olaf & Dayle.

Although it had been recorded that there was a spring on their land, no previous owners had ever investigated the properties of the water.

In 2014, Olaf & Dayle started extensive testing of the water, which revealed an outstanding mineral balance and incredible purity.

In 2015, they decided to leave their full-time jobs to devote themselves to bringing Aqui-Live to public awareness. They built a bottling plant on-site and started bottling Aqui-Live, starting the still glass bottle.

In 2017, Olaf and Dayle moved all bottling operations to a fully automated, HACCP certified and FDA approved bottling plant, and boosted capacity.

In late 2017, Olaf and Dayle launched the much-awaited Lightly Sparkling.

Aqui-Live: The champagne of mineral waters

Aqui-Live is a deliciously natural Australian mineral water. The source is the Palaeolithic Basement, a 700m deep aquifer on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, in Australia.

Hydrologists estimate this pre-historic water catchment to be 600 million years old. This vast body of water, cradled deep in the earth for millenniums, resonates with the Earth’s energy.

Aqui-Live is an ancient water which rises naturally to surface, taking more than 2,000 years to complete its journey. Aqui-Live is harvested at the surface, without the use of bores or drills.

Throughout this journey to the surface, Aqui-Live gets filtered by the best filter available: 700 meters of un-touched soil and rocks. This results in an incredible purity: only 0.008 mg/l nitrate – plain water can have up to 45 mg/l nitrate.

On this same journey, Aqui-Live is also infused with a near perfect balance of 22 essential minerals from the mineral rich soil around the source. This is what gives Aqui-Live such a delicious taste profile.

Aqui-Live is naturally smooth and creamy, with a slight hint of sweetness. Its outstanding natural purity makes it the ideal water for any occasion. When only the best will do, the choice is perfectly clear. Aqui-Live.

Hope House, our commitment to charity


no domestic violence

“Once Aqui-Live has operated our mineral spring at full capacity for one full year, we will donate 100% of our profits every year to build and run Hope House, a semi-permanent, free and safe housing for victims of domestic violence.”

Such accommodation will seek to protect victims from physical, emotional and financial violence, and to provide a safe home where they can re-build their lives.

Aqui-Live is a gift from the earth, we didn’t design, build or manufacture it. Therefore, we will give back the benefits through Hope House.


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