600 Million

year old water catchment


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Aqui-Live is no ordinary mineral water. Laden with minerals and many times purer than other known mineral water brands, it is considered absolutely unique by experts in fine water.

When its provenance is revealed, it’s easy to understand why.

Aqui-Live water is sourced from the Palaeolithic Basement, a prehistoric aquifer some 900 metres beneath the Mornington Peninsula near Melbourne, Australia.

Hydrologists estimate this catchment to be 600 million years old and believe the water originates in New Zealand, where it fell as rain.

A true artesian water, Aqui-Live rises naturally to surface without the use of bores or drills, taking an estimated 2000 years to complete this ascension through mineral-laden soil and rocks.

It is during this epic journey – free of human intervention and shielded from daylight – that Aqui-Live infuses with minerals from the geo-strata that lend its silken mouth feel and bold, memorable taste.

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