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It begins in 2012, when Olaf and Dayle purchase a family holiday house on a small parcel of land atop Red Hill on the Mornington Peninsula, 85 kilometres south of the Melbourne CBD. The area is populated with boutique wineries, producing acclaimed cool-climate wines from grapes grown in the red, mineral-rich soil from which the …


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Why Choose Aqui-Live

Aqui-Live’s natural alkalinity, with a pH of 8.3 Aqui-Live’s  mineral balance, including health levels of magnesium, manganese, boron, zinc, iodine & silica Aqui-Live’s incredibly high magnesium content, 92 mg/l, which is amongst the highest of any mineral water brands on the market Aqui-Live’s magnesium to calcium ratio, 92/64 mg/l, which is very beneficial to your health …

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Below are some quotes from athletes and other customers who drank Aqui-Live for up to a week prior to competing or training: “A profound increase in my energy & stamina, resulting in power to continue working at a high rate in the latter half of my work-outs, where generally I would feel the ‘burn’ and …

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Andre “Running” Obradovic, Certified US Triathlon Coach Since December I have been drinking Aqui-Live in all my training, racing, and daily hydration and it is such a powerful hydration tool in my training bag. When I am really pushing it on the bike or at the gym, I can really feel my energy and muscles …

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Minerals and Health

Magnesium, well known for its part in muscle recovery, is also shown to be an essential mineral in the treatment and prevention of cardio vascular disease. Aqui-Live’s naturally high level of Magnesium also addresses ailments such as postnatal depression, anxiety and dementia – all shown to benefit from an increase in Magnesium. The water-born Magnesium in …

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