Below are some quotes from athletes and other customers who drank Aqui-Live for up to a week prior to competing or training:

“A profound increase in my energy & stamina, resulting in power to continue working at a high rate in the latter half of my work-outs, where generally I would feel the ‘burn’ and fade away.”

– Katrina, Australian Olympic Sprinter, 400 meters.

“I beat my personal best by 10 per cent, which translated into shaving 6 minutes off my PB time and finishing 1.2 km ahead of my PB schedule. On the way back I felt like the machine of yester-year.”

– David, competitive marathon runner after his weekly run.

“I was a machine, a machine!”

– Jim, competitive bike rider after riding 100 km.

“Smashed the rower today! It’s got to be because I’ve been drinking my Aqui-Live mineral water all week. Never got as high as 1300+ cal/hr before #PB #rowing #minerals Aqui-Live Mineral Water.”

– Tanya, Owner – Better than Yesterday, Cross-Fit Instructor and Health Coach

“Just drank the bottle of your Aqui-Live with the family: it was amazing, unlike anything I had ever tried. The consistency is so silky and the taste unlike any ‘water’ I have ever tried, it’s rich and slightly sweet. One glass was just not enough, if I didn’t have to share it, I would have drunk the whole bottle myself and usually I struggle to drink enough water. Please start selling this in Adelaide soon. Love your product.”

– Cassandra, Adelaide

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