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Why Choose Aqui-Live

  1. Aqui-Live’s natural alkalinity, with a pH of 8.3
  2. Aqui-Live’s  mineral balance, including health levels of magnesium, manganese, boron, zinc, iodine & silica
  3. Aqui-Live’s incredibly high magnesium content, 92 mg/l, which is amongst the highest of any mineral water brands on the market
  4. Aqui-Live’s magnesium to calcium ratio, 92/64 mg/l, which is very beneficial to your health – as most people get too much calcium and not enough magnesium. This ratio is also very rare amongst mineral waters.
  5. Aqui-Live’s purity, as measured by Nitrate (foreign matter like fertilisers and seeping septic tanks) is only 0.008 mg/l. To put this in prospective: water in its normal state has about 1 mg/l, and anything above 4 mg/l is considered compromised water. This means that Aqui-Live is purer than any other mineral water on the market.

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