The old saying “you are what you eat” is in fact only partially correct. Your body consists of 70% water, and your brain 80% water. In fact, if you line up all the water molecwater body %ules that exist in your body and count them one by one, then your body is 99% water. Basically, we are a big blob of water. Therefore, it should go without saying that what kind of water you drink has a huge impact on your health, your waistline, and your athletic performance.

Western society has been used to drinking tap water only since the turn of 19th century, or a bit earlier. Before water treatment plants were built, we got our water from wells, from rivers/streams, and if they were lucky, from a natural underground spring.

Up until the late 1800s, the term “take to the waters” was often used by doctors, whereby they would prescribe patients to seek mineral springs – and to bathe in it to get well. You can still find a few springs that offer this, and with good reasons: the minerals in the water soak into your skin, get absorbed your body, and help to restore the body’s ability to heal itself.

Once you move your mindset away from tap water, you will discover that water is like snow-flakes: no two sources are identical. All natural water sources differ based on depth and location of the source, type of soil around the source, foreign contaminants in the soil (like pesticides), and length of time the water was been in the ground for. These variables determine the pureness of water – measured in nitrates, and determine the total mineral count in water, called Total Dissolved Solids, or TDS. Tap water has a TDS of around 3-4 mg/l, Aqui-Live has a massive 1,300 mg/l. Note: in Australia, bottlers are allowed to call water “mineral water” if the TDS is 250 mg/l or more. Waters with less than 250 mg/l TDS are called “spring water”.

All plants get their minerals from the soil, they don’t create them in the same way animals create vitamin A in their fat cells. However, no plants can absorb any minerals from the soil, unless the minerals are in ionic (water) form. Humans work the same way: we cannot absorb any minerals or nutrients from food we ewater vegetablesat until they are in ionic form in the stomach. That’s why drinking natural mineral water can be so beneficial to your health: not only do you absorb 100% of the minerals in water, you also increase the absorption of minerals in the food you eat by as much as 30%. The reason: mineral water helps turn food solids into ionic form. What a tremendous double whammy!

Therefore, you are what you drink, more so than what you eat. Specifically, you are what kind of water you drink. If you want to stay healthy, lose weight, or gain a competitive advantage as an athlete, consider your choice of water first. Then the choice becomes obvious: Aqui-Live. Why? Because nature always wins!

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